ITTO is a small telescope that will guide you to places you haven’t visited before. An smartphone application in conjunction with the telescope will remember all places you have been and creates a new random destination at an unknown location. When looking through the telescope into the direction of your destination your view will be colored into blue. You have to find the way yourself so you can explore new places.

Publications & Presentations

24th June 2015 Exhibition at 33pt in Dortmund, Germany Link
11-14th June 2015 Exhibition at DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, Germany Link
6-7th June 2015 Exhibition at Maker Faire in Hannover, Germany Link
30th April 2015 Exhibition "Freiraum" at University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany Link
28th April 2015 make: Magazine online publication Link
22-26th April 2015 Exhibition at European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück, Germany Link
20th April 2015 Presentation at University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia Link
16-18th April 2015 Presentation at Resonate IO in Belgrade, Serbia Link
15th April 2015 Presentation at BSZW Osnabrück Link